Ideas for managing time whilst working from home during a pandemic


I began working for a large agricultural tech startup at the start of March 2020. I’m a software engineering tech lead — I only spent 2 weeks in my new workplace before being asked to work from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve been working from home for approximately 9 months, during this time I had to learn to manage my time more effectively, working entirely remotely. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, my new work space overlaps with my leisure space and that introduces some problems. …

Introducing BrainStrike Starter kit for Node.js + Typescript + React.js + Apollo GraphQL + TypeORM

BrainStrike Starter Kit


It’s always good to have a working recipe for developing modern applications, and it’s important to keep your tools up to date… stack decisions are incredibly important. I’m a huge fan of GraphQL and TypeScript, so I wanted to develop a starter kit based on those technologies and explore some advanced implementations.

Working as an engineer at Indigo AG involves learning a lot of new technology, in my role as a software engineer I work primarily in the TypeScript + GraphQL ecosystem. I have written about why you should be using TypeScript + GraphQL. Today, I’m writing about my…

GraphQL API Framework with strong conventions and auto-generated schema

GraphQL + TypeScript + TypeGraphQL + TypeORM
GraphQL + TypeScript + TypeGraphQL + TypeORM


Warthog is a Node.js GraphQL API framework for quickly building consistent GraphQL APIs that have sorting, filtering and pagination out of the box. It is written in TypeScript and makes heavy use of decorators for concise, declarative code.

Version 1.0 was released July 2018, and has just hit version 2.9.2. Warthog is open source, has many contributors and key contributions have been made by several Indigo engineers.

In this article I will explain what Warthog is and hopefully give some context as to why it is special. I will explain where Warthog fits into the GraphQL landscape and outline some…

I used AC3 for a month, here’s what I learned

I’ve been using the Apollo platform for almost two years now. I’ve used it on several commercial applications, and it’s become one of my all-time favorite frameworks.

With the upcoming release of Apollo Client 3, I thought it would be an excellent time to test out the latest beta and write about some of the exciting improvements I’m most excited about.

What’s New

You’ve probably heard the old mocked phrase attributed to the Netscape engineer Phil Karlton: “There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.”

Learning Outcomes from Using this Powerful Combination.


Today I’m going to be writing about TypeScript and GraphQL. I will give a quick introduction to the technologies and then jump straight into learning outcomes.

I’ve been working with this stack for almost 2 years now. I started with GraphQL first and that inspired me to dig into TypeScript. There is still loads to learn, the technology is evolving, interest is growing rapidly especially in the enterprise space, and new applications are released every day.

How to approach unit, integration and E2E testing with a TypeORM/TypeScript/GraphQL API (Updated 2/1/2020)

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels


Figuring out how to write automated tests for an ORM can be really difficult. There are many different ways to approach the problem and good explanations can be hard to find. This article is about my experience developing ORM tests, strategies, and how to get them working with GitHub actions (CI). I’m using TypeORM but the ideas in this article should be applicable to other ORM implementations.

I’ve been working with TypeORM for just over a year, I used it on a large commercial application, I’m using it again in 2020 with a Node.js TypeScript/Apollo GraphQL starter kit I’m developing…

Observations and tales from the battlefield

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I’ve been working with GraphQL in production for almost 2 years now. As of January 2020, the technology is quite mature, there are more users than ever and GraphQL is rapidly becoming a new internet standard. It’s a great time for your company or organization to adopt GraphQL.

The GraphQL ecosystem has grown tremendously, today, there are more options to choose from, powerful frameworks, developer tools, and utilities, as such, it can be overwhelming, and difficult to know where to start.

In this article I will tell some stories about my experience bringing GraphQL to production, I will remark on…

Zero to production in just a few hours.

Gatsby.JS + Lumen + Netlify


In this article I’m going to show you how to create a personal blog site with Gatsby.JS , we’re going to bootstrap it with the wonderful Lumen Gatsby starter kit, and finally we’ll host it with Netlify… in the process we’ll hopefully learn more about Gatsby, why it is special, how JAMStack applications differ from other application architectures and get some experience with the Netlify platform.

Who is this article for?

This article is written for developers of all levels, if you’re a beginner this is a great way to learn how to build a basic site that provides everything you need to get going…

Windows Subsystem for Linux gets new features and enhanced performance (Updated: 6/15/2020)

3Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

6/15/2020 Update: WSL 2 is no longer just for insiders, you can install WSL2 today with Windows 10, Version 2004, Build 19041.

3/13/2020 Update: Microsoft has announced that WSL 2 will be generally available in Windows 10, version 2004. Existing users on the Insider slow ring will be prompted to update their kernel, see this post for more information.


It used to be complicated to run Linux applications in Windows, in the old days you were limited to tools like cygwin that provided limited functionality and could run some popular Linux utilities… later came virtualization tools like VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation

Sean Dearnaley

I’ve been a software developer forever. I have worked on different applications for the music industry, government systems, and education.

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